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2017 - Published museum photo book, "Chairs with a different purpose: Not for sitting"

2016 - Special  tours included church group; retirement group's bus outing; visitors from Macon, Ga; and a group of International nurses, brought by a former, (nurse), visitor. 

2015 - The Gallery was featured among eight local unique museums in the Atlanta Magazine's, Curated Curiosities.

2014 - The Gallery collection was included in an article published by DOMA DNES Magazine in the Czech Republic. It highlighted sixty world record collections associated  with furniture and construction.

2014 - A visitor from Brazil brought two laser cut miniature chairs for the Gallery

2013 - A family reunion was held with descendants of residents who lived in the museum building in the 1800's. They recreated a family picture taken on the porch in 1892

2013 -  An international French reporter, with Lemonde Newspaper, visited and published an article, "Mini, Mini, Mini chairs; In Small America

2013 - The DeKalb Neighbor published "Stone Mountain Gallery Exceeds 3,000 Miniature Chairs"

2013 - Tucker Time's article was "Collectible and Antique Chair Gallery"

2013 - The AtlantaJournal/Constitution Newspaper's first article was "Small Is Beautiful" and the second article was "The Chair Woman"

2013 - The Patch Newspaper published "A Hobby Unlike Any Other"

2010 - GSU Magazine, ( Ga. State University), published "Rocking Through The Ages"

2009 - Champion Newspaper published "House of 3,000 Chairs - Little Shop in Stone Mountain Holds Record"

2009 - Tucker times wrote "World Record Museum Collection"